3D-Printed Spring Cups (customizable)

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The Mission

Ever lost a Tamiya X5 or V5 spring cup (like on Tamiya TT-02B or DT-03)? I know I did. A lot. They are cheap and easy to come by, but it's so annoying to wait for the delivery...so why not making them yourself?

And now the cool thing: You won't ever loose them again - thanks to Roland's great idea - we use a (M2) screw to secure the cup!

The Result

3D-Printed Spring Cups 01.jpg 3D-Printed Spring Cups 02.jpg 3D-Printed Spring Cups 03.jpg 3D-Printed Spring Cups 04.jpg

It's customizable, if f.e. you want make them fit other chassis/dampers/shocks.

The Downloads