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* status menu item
* status menu item
* displays your IP addresses
* displays your IP addresses
* disconnect administrators (not with AppStore-Version)
* disconnect administrators (not with AppStore<ref>Sandboxing sucks!</ref>-Version)
=== Screenshots ===
=== Screenshots ===

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ARDMonitor shows the state of Apple Remote Desktop (disabled, enabled, connected) - even if the Administrator asked for permission to monitor/control (that's what ARD's menu extra doesn't).

ARDMonitor comes in two flavours:

  • "ARDMonitor" - The normal faceless program which will show an icon on the right side of the menu bar.
  • "ARDMonitor unquittable" - The same as the above, but it lacks the option to quit the program - maybe useful if you're dealing with lusers.


  • status menu item
  • displays your IP addresses
  • disconnect administrators (not with AppStore[1]-Version)


ARD is enabled, NO administrator connected



ARD showing your IP address(es)


ARD is enabled, and an Administrator is monitoring or controlling your computer


Ardmonitor14enabledanadminconnected02.pngKick him!

System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" or later[2]
  • PPC or Intel CPU (Universal Binary)

(If you use Mac OS X 10.4, please visit Software Projects That Are Not Longer Supported#ARD_Monitor)


Did I mention it is free software? Download and enjoy!


There is also a version available via Apple's AppStore, but that version isn't capable of disconnection administrators because of the Sandboxing... (see XXXX_TBD_LINK_XXXXX).


Please read the Readme-file for details. Short: basically it's just free. :-)
If you think it's worth a buck, please feel free to donate one (or some) via Paypal.


  1. Sandboxing sucks!
  2. including Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)