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=== Downloads ===
=== Downloads ===
* [[Media:BrowserOMat100Beta.zip]] (System Requirements: [[Mac OS X]] 10.10 [[Yosemite]])
* [[Media:BrowserOMat100Beta.zip]] (System Requirements: [[Mac OS X]] 10.10 [[Yosemite]])
* [[Media:Browser-O-Mat_Folder_1.1_2018-02-23.zip]] (System Requirements: [[Mac OS X]] 10.11 [[El Capitan]] and newer)
* [[Media:Browser-O-Mat_Folder_1.1_2018-03-02.zip]] (System Requirements: [[Mac OS X]] 10.11 [[El Capitan]] and newer)
=== Configuration & Usage ===
=== Configuration & Usage ===

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Browser-O-Mat is a white-label browser, meaning you can…

  • define one URL to load
  • set application name and icon

What's it for?

I usually keep one or two tabs open in my browser to access my most frequently used websites...this works, but has drawbacks:

  • I can't easily access one tab by switching applications (⌘-⇥ , the dock or launchpad)
  • I sometimes accidently close one tab or the whole browser


With Browser-O-Mat you can create an application for every of these websites (tabs), so you can keep them open and easily switch to them. Examples:

  • NetFlix
  • Ingress Intel
  • Webmail
  • Forums
  • Admin-Pages (like phpmyadmin of your favourite project)
  • Wikipedia
  • Hangouts
  • Social Networks (like yammer, g+, Facebook…)


Configuration & Usage

1. Rename the application

  • Download the above archive
  • Decompress the archive
  • Change the name of the application (like you would with any other file)
  • Move it into place (f.e. /Applications )

2. Setting the URL

  • Open the application
  • Open Preferences
  • Enter the URL
  • Click save

3. Set App Icon (optional)

By default, Browser-O-Mat uses the website's favicon[1] for the dock. You can optionally set an custom image to use as icon:

  • Open Preferences
  • Choose "Use custom image"
  • Drag an image of your choice to the image box
  • Click save


Just use it like your usual browser :-D

  • Links
  • Footnotes:
  1. Which is just 16x16 pixels