List of 3D-Designs

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This are some of the designs I made over the last months...

Please note: 3D-Designs Fineprint

Category Description Link to article Preview
Toys Sand Mold (Beer Bottle) 3D-Printed Sand Mold tbd SandMoldBeer01.jpg
House-Hold Towel Holder 3D-Printed Towel Holder tbd
House-Hold Champagne Glas Holder 3D-Printed Champagne Glas Holder tbd
House-Hold Baby Bed Trunnion 3D-Printed Baby Bed Trunnion tbd
RC RC Tire Glueing Aid 3D-Printed RC Tire Glueing Aid TireGlueingAidPrinted03.jpg
RC RC Beer Crate 3D-Printed 1/10 scale Beer Crate RCBeerCrate11.png
RC RC Traffic Cones 3D-Printed RC Traffic Cones 3DTrafficCones02.jpg
RC RC Gear Cover 3D-Printed RC Gear Cover DurangoGearBoxv06CoverPrinted01.jpg
RC RC Roof Rack 3D-Printed 1/10th Scale Roof Rack 3DRoofRack01.jpg
RC RC Snow Plough 3D-Printed 1/10th Snow Plough RCSnowPlough03.jpg
Misc UMD Case 3D-Printed UMD Case UMDCasePrinted02.jpg
Misc Cup holder for use in trains 3D-Printed Cup holder for use in trains 3DCupHolder04.png
Misc Filament Guide 3D-Printed Filament Guide 3DFilamentGuide01.png
Misc iPhone 5 Stand 3D-Printed iPhone 5 Stand (car) IPhone 5 Car Stand v7 02.jpg
Tools Tool Stand / Tool Rack 3D-Printed Tool Stand Tool Stand 02.jpg

Some Modules I Use

Some Utilities