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Heikos motorcycles

199x[1]-1998 Honda FT 500 '82

After I crashed my car, I bought this motorcycle:
(the one in front; Kampfbonsais GPZ900 in the back More...

1998-2001 Aprilia Pegaso '98

I rode this bike about 26Mm and sold it for the BMW.
Pegaso.von.links.jpeg More...

2001-2008 BMW R1150GS '01

Bought in 2001...
KuhGanzNeu.jpeg More...

2010-now Honda NTV 650 '91 (RC33)

NTV650new2.jpeg More... ACHTUNG: NTV ZU VERKAUFEN! Siehe NTV Verkauf

2012-2012 Ducati Monster S4R '06

DucatiMonsterS4R 01.jpeg More...


  1. I have to look this up in the papers