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=== Download ===
=== Download ===
Download the latest version [[Media:SchickFREE50RC5010b.zip|here]].
Download the latest version [[Media:Schick50RC5014.zip|here]].
'''''Please note: This is a beta version - use at your own risk!'''''
'''''Please note: This is a beta version - use at your own risk!'''''

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http://xkcd.com/949/ I wanted a simple and fast way to exchange small files, like Word-Documents, Pictures, URLs, etc. iChat and similar tools need much configuration and registering - I wanted a solution that would "just work". I used to use Mac OS X' FileSharing and the Mac OS X DropBox, but I didn't get notified, and I have to mount the other user's Home DropBox by hand. AirDrop does most of this quite good, but has some limitations.

Key Features

  • Bonjour-enabled[1]
  • No configuration necessary
  • Automatically fetches username and user image from your Macintosh Preferences / Address Book
  • Lets you transfer files to Macs in your local network as well as in other subnets
  • Lets you browse and get files from Macs in your local[2] network
  • largefile support[3]
  • IPv6 enabled
  • Creation of groups of peers (new in Schick 5.0)
  • Sending of files to whole groups of peers (new in Schick 5.0)
  • Cleaned-up interface (new in Schick 5.0)
  • Grouping peers by type (bonjour, manually added or custom groups) (new in Schick 5.0)


Download the latest version here. Please note: This is a beta version - use at your own risk!


This picture shows the browser with all on the network available Schick users. If you want to send a file to an user, simply drag it to the user's row and drop it. It's just that easy!

System Requirements

Support the developer


Donations are always welcome. You can donate an amount of your choice via PayPal. To visit the PayPal website, please click here.

Having Problems?

Schick doesn't fit your needs? Want to try another tool?

Take a look at DropCopy or Desktop Transporter!

  1. Bonjour==ZeroConf==mDNS
  2. and, as an experimental feature, even in an LAN/WAN with several broadcast domains (not over internet, maybe in the future, when everyone uses IPv6)
  3. Meaning files bigger than 2GB
  4. That means, a 64bit processor. If you have an older Mac, please see: Software Projects That Are Not Longer Supported
  5. including Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" AND 10.9 "Mavericks" AND 10.10 "Yosemite"!
  6. usually, every standard Ethernet or WiFi Network can handle Bonjour, but I encountered trouble on several occasions. So, if it's the same to you, I'd recommend using ethernet instead of WiFi.