3D-Printed Ball Bearing Cleaning and Testing Aid (customizable)

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The Mission

After some months of indoor RC touring car racing I have to admit I didn't care about checking or maintaining the BBs. But truth is, they need some love now and then...

After realizing that and that new bearings aren't cheap (at least good ones), I decided to design a little cleaning and testing aid. You might also want to clean and lubricate your BBs directly after purchasing, because they are usually greased instead of oiled, therefore they have some drag even when they are new.

The Result

666px 666px 666px 666px

It's customizable, f.e. if you want a bigger inner/outer diameter.

The Downloads

Additionally you'll need a small container (like for films (for those old farts who know what that is :) )) and some nuts and screws. Some old O-rings will help, too. Ah, and brake cleaner (w/o acetone) and maybe oil (or dry lube).

How to use

See how to use this tools on youtube: TBD