AppleScript Performance Test

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Timo and Rahul told me that they experienced slight differences in execution speed of AppleScripts depending on how they have been saved. Now, some tests:

Testing equipment

  • Machine: Heiko's MacBook Pro 15" 2.2GHz, 4GB, MacOS X 10.5.8
  • Script:
set vorher to current date
set t to 231
tell application "Finder"
	repeat t times
		set n to make new Finder window
		tell n to close
	end repeat
	set nachher to current date
	set dauer to nachher - vorher
	log dauer
	display dialog "Dauer: " & dauer & " Sekunden." buttons {"Doh!"}
end tell


Kind Saving-Options-Screenshot Execution time (seconds)
Script im Script Editor ASPerfTest00.png 31
Script, Run Only ASPerfTest01.png 16, launched with FastScripts[1]
Application, Run Only ASPerfTest02.png 89
Application ASPerfTest03.png 88
Script bundle ASPerfTest04.png 18, gestartet via FastScripts
Script bundle, Run Only ASPerfTest09.png 19, launched with FastScripts
Application bundle ASPerfTest06.png 86
Application bundle, Run Only ASPerfTest07.png 86
Text ASPerfTest08.png 19, launched with osascript

Bottom line

Applications are damn slow, every other variant is equally fast.

  1. because double-click only...