How do I get results?

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Many discussions end without any result - and the cause for that is always the same:

Stupid Questions (Asking a perfectly fine, but useless, question)

  1. "Who wants to join me at the airport?" - Discussion: This will result in answers like "me" which helps a lot for making an appointment. Much better would be: "Who wants to join me at the airport at 11am?" This will lead to results.
  2. "Do you have a watch?" - "Yes."

Stupid Answers (Being perfectly correct, but useless)

  1. "Me, but not at 11am."' - This could be the answer to a question like "Who wants to join me at the airport at 11am?" But it doesn't lead to a result. Instead, discussion will usually end here because the answer doesn't make a new suggestion as a replacement for the declined. At the end, the one who made the first suggestion will get bored of keeping the discussion running. Much better would be: "Me, but not at 11am - what about 1pm?".
  2. "Where am I?" - "In a car."

Bottom Line

Folks, think before you type:

  • Ask question that are easily answered and will lead to results. It's not that hard.
  • Give answers that are either positive, or if otherwise, make a better suggestion.
  • Accept that people a dumb and, worst of all, lazy - you need to present everything in a way they can't resist to do the thing you want them to do (in our case, giving a good answer)! See also WhyiTunesMusicStoreWorks.

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