MTB-Tour 2011-10-22 Hohes Horn-Hexenstein-Wolfsgrube

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The Route

Since it was all foggy down here, I decided to take a stroll above Offenburg...

MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Map.png

The Photos

MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot01.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot02.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot03.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot04.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot05.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot06.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot07.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot08.jpg
MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Phot09.jpg

The Data

MTB-Tour 2011-10-22-Ele.png

  • Length 22.5km
  • Ascends 520Hm