My Aprilia Pegaso

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1998-2001 Aprilia Pegaso '98

I rode this bike about 26Mm and sold it for the BMW.
Pegaso.von.hinten.jpeg Pegaso.von.hinten.links.jpeg
Pegaso.von.links.jpeg Pegaso.von.vorne.jpeg
What sums this bike up for me?

  • a beauty
  • badly designed ignition box, after "adjusting"[1] it, the hickup below 5000rpm was gone
  • weak Sachs back shock absorber, died after 15Mm, exchanged it for one with handwheel for adjustment, luckily I could convince someone in italy[2] to get it on warranty
  • Hepco and Becker sucks - those folks even denied that there is such thing as resonance frequency, which was in fact exactly at 4000rpm, wenn the whole mount began shaking and buzzing
  • loosing screws
  • a beauty[3]

  • Footnotes:
  1. The garage removed some resistors
  2. Yes, I had to talk to some italian call center...*sigh*
  3. Am I repeating myself?