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This software project is discontinued. Please refer to Schick 4.0 for a up-to-date version!

Schick Project Page


I wanted a simple and fast way to exchange small files, like Word-Documents, Pictures, URLs, etc. iChat and similar tools need much configuration and registering - I wanted a technique that would "just work". I used to use Mac OS X' FileSharing and the DropBox, but I don't get notified, and I have to mount the other user's Home DropBox by hand. Additionally the number of logged in users on Mac OS X Client is limited. Since no tool existed for this purpose, I made my own (as usual) :-)).

Key Features

  • Rendezvous-enabled (okay, nowaday's it's Bonjour-enabled)
  • No configuration necessary
  • Automatically fetches username and user image from your Macintosh Preferences / Address Book


You can download the latest version here.


This picture shows the browser with all on the network available Schick users. If you want to send a file to an user, simply drag it to the user's row and drop it. It's just that easy!


Those of you who don't want to use Drag&Drop can use the Services Menu and it's shortcut to send a file.


System Requirements

  • Macintosh, iMac, iBook, PowerBook, eMac or Xserve with G3 processor or higher, that includes Intel, which is natively supported by this Universal Binary!
  • Additional 1 MB of disk space :-)
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later (even runs on my Pismo with 10.3, but wouldn't recommend it)
  • Rendezvous-enabled network, usually every standard Ethernet Network can handle Rendezvous (also known as Zeroconf (...and Bonjour :-) )).


If you have problems, please see Schick 3 FAQ

Schick doesn't fit your needs? Want to try another tool?

Take a look at DropCopy or Desktop Transporter!