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However, it is still available for download. If someone thinks it's worth to be developed further, drop me an email.
If you are interested in the scripts itself, drop me an email, too.

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What is it?


AppleScript Launcher is a AppleScript launching utility[1] bundled with a bunch of AppleScripts I wrote to do frequently needed jobs for me...


  • 2011-08-27, 12:01: First Release of v1.01, build 526
  • 2011-08-28, 18:42: Release of v1.02, build 564, removed FBA feature
  • 2012-12-18, 19:36: Release of v1.03, build 575, removed Growl support, removed timebomb, 10.7 support. Still Problems with GUI Scripting.


  • Floating Scripts Palette
  • Status Menu Item
  • Launch AppleScripts using shortcuts (F-Keys, Mouse Buttons)
  • Bundled scripts (will be installed automatically in ~/Library/Scripts (usable for your own user only), see a list of bundled scripts here



To install just decompress the downloaded .zip-file and place the "AppleScript Launcher"-Folder in your Applications-Folder, and lauch it.


AppleScript Launcher01.png

Bundled Scripts

  • Files
    • Archive Selected File or Folder.scpt
    • Compare Checksum File.scpt
    • Create Checksum File.scpt
    • File Merge.scpt
    • File Split.scpt
  • InDesign
    • Copy Image.scpt
  • iTunes Currently Playing Track
    • *.scpt
    • **.scpt
    • ***.scpt
    • ****.scpt
    • *****.scpt
    • Google Album Artwork Of Current Track.scpt
    • Google Lyrics Of Current Track.scpt
    • Open Current Track's Lyrics in TextEdit.scpt
    • Paste Current iTunes Track with Album.scpt
    • Paste Current iTunes Track.scpt
    • Show Current Track's Whole Album in Library.scpt
    • Speak Current Track.scpt
    • Volume
      • Decrease (-) Volume.scpt
      • Increase (+) Volume.scpt
      • Mute Volume.scpt
      • Toggle Mute.scpt
  • iTunes Selected Tracks
    • *.scpt
    • **.scpt
    • ***.scpt
    • ****.scpt
    • *****.scpt
    • Export….scpt
    • Google Album Artwork Of Selected Track.scpt
    • Google Lyrics Of Selected Track.scpt
    • Paste Selected iTunes Tracks with Album.scpt
    • Paste Selected iTunes Tracks.scpt
    • Play Single Track.scpt
    • Remove Leading "01" from Title.scpt
  • Mail
    • Copy Selected Mail To Clipboard.scpt
    • Reply Mail With Quote (buggy).scpt
    • Save Selected Mails As RTF_buggy.scpt
    • Save Selected Messages As Text.scpt
  • Searches
    • Google Images Selected Text.scpt
    • Google Selected Text.scpt
    • Leo Selected Text.scpt
    • Look Up Selected Text In Dictionary.scpt
  • Text conversion
    • Kenny.scpt
    • Lowercase.scpt
    • Mirror.scpt
    • ROT5.scpt
    • ROT5+13.scpt
    • ROT13.scpt
    • ROT18.scpt
    • ROT47.scpt
    • ROTrandom.scpt
    • Uppercase.scpt
  • Timestamps
    • Paste Log Timestamp.scpt
    • Paste Timestamp.scpt
  • Zome More Tools
    • Activate Screensaver.scpt
    • Deactivate Screensaver.scpt
    • Dial Selected Number.scpt
    • FStream
      • Speak Radio Station Name.scpt
      • Toggle Playback.scpt

  1. I guess, you might have known that by now...:-D