Texas Animals and Plants 2013

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Animal Life

Black Widow

2013-08-11 BlackWidow 01.png

Monster Grashopper

About 10cm in length:
2013-08-01 Grashopper 01.png


2013-08-02 Cricket 01.png

Nice Butterfly

2013-08-01 Butterfly 01.png

Praying Mantis

2013-08-01 Praying Mantis 01.png

Guinea Birds

They keep the property clear of bugs:
2013-08-01 Guinea 01.png

Black-And-Yellow Garden Spider

Learn more about this palm-sized spider: http://www.insectidentification.org/insect-description.asp?identification=Black-and-Yellow-Garden-Spider
2013-08-01 Spider 01.png
This one caught herself a grashopper:
2013-08-01 Spider 02.png
More images of this kind of spider:
2013-08-05 Spider 01.png 2013-08-05 Spider 02.png


2013-08-03 Jackrabbit.jpg 2013-08-05 Jackrabbit.jpg

Cotton Tails

The Cotton Tails are smaller and have considerably smaller ears than the Jackrabbits also they have a cotton-ball like tail:
2013-08-13 CottonTails.jpg

Some unknown beetle

2013-08-03 Beetle.jpg

Some unknown lizzard

2013-08-03 Lizzard.jpg

Some unknown insect

2013-08-04 Insect 01.jpg 2013-08-04 Insect 02.jpg

Some frog or toad

This frog or toad is about the size of a quarter:
2013-08-01 MossLake02.jpg


There are a lot of different dragonflies around, but they won't sit still long enough so that I can take pictures...here are some I managed to take:
2013-08-05 Dragon Flies 01.jpg 2013-08-05 Dragon Flies 02.jpg


They're much like Dragonflies, but fold the wings facing backwards, whereas the Dragonflies fold theur wings to the side.
2013-08-02 Dragon Flies 01.jpg

Kit Kat

2013-08-02 KitKat 01.png

Catfish in a pond

When the four-wheeler arrives, the Catfish go crazy:
2013-08-02 Catfish 01.png


This one's a little smaller than my fist:
2013-08-07 Toadfrog 01.png

Yellow Jacket

It's bite hurts!
2013-08-07 YellowJacket 01.png


Apparently they live on land:
2013-08-09 Turtle 01.jpg


2013-08-09 Hummingbird 01.jpg 2013-08-09 Hummingbird 02.jpg 2013-08-09 Hummingbird 03.jpg 2013-08-09 Hummingbird 04.jpg



The bloom's very nice, taste is...*shrug*...it seems it tastes like nothing at all. ;) More…
2013-08-01 Okra 01.png 2013-08-01 Okra 02.png


This kind grows everywhere around here:
2013-08-02 Cactus 01.png


Lone Star

Lone Star Beer:
2013-08-01 Lone Star Beer.jpg

Göt to be

It's got Powerdöts!
2013-08-01 GotToBePowerdots.jpg

It's got electrolytes!

It's got electrolytes!
You don't know what's funny about it? Watch Idiocracy!
2013-08-01 Electroylytes 01.jpg