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2005-12-23, 22:47: Finally...

..I have some days off (til 9th of january).
Did I mention that Santa Claus sucks? Where for Bob's sake is Santa mentioned in the bible? Where the hell came he from? (Most guess it's Coca Cola, dunno).
Anyway, I want to contribute to www.pro-christkind.org. Keep it up!

2005-12-22, 01:06: WroBlog goes RSS...

..thanks to my fabulous perl scripting abilities, there's a RSS feed: http://www.wurst-wasser.net/Wurst-Wasser.net/Downloads/WroBlog.xml ;-))

2005-12-13, 21:52: Wikipedia steht Kopf... Wikipedia2005-12-13.jpg

2005-12-05, 18:36: Mein iBook steht zum Verkauf...

* SOLD *

- Baumonat: 2004-03
- G4 933 MHz
- 14", keine defekten Pixel o.ä.
- 60 GB HD
- Bluetooth eingebaut
- Airport Extreme eingebaut (W-LAN mit 54 MBit)
- 56K Modem eingebaut
- Ethernet 10/100 eingebaut
- USB 2.0 Schnittstellen
- Firewire 400 Schnittstelle
- Combodrive (DVD-ROM, CD-RW)
- 640 MB RAM
- iBook ist für Zweimonitorbetrieb gepatcht
- Alles Original-Zubehör (Netzteil, Software, Adapter f. Zweitbildschirm, Originalkarton etc.)
Da ich es immer sehr pfleglich behandelt habe, ist das iBook in tadellosem Zustand und hat kaum Gebrauchsspuren.


Das Bild in gross
Wenn Du Interesse an dem iBook hast, schreib mir: usenet <at> wurst-wasser.net

2005-11-25, 06:34: I can't stand it any longer...

People in lists, forums and ngs are sometimes really getting to me. Especially when they are so 'verpeilt. Today I want to discuss HowDoIGetResults.

2005-11-25, 06:32: Mitmögen...

...muss ich jetzt auch mal: http://pro.moegig.de/moegbutton.gif. Wer mehr wissen will, liest http://pro.moegig.de/.

2005-11-16, 23:46: Yet another month passed...

Astounding how time goes by - it's a month since my last entry.
I needed to remote control my VLC so I made a bunch of shell scripts: VLCRemoteControlShellScripts.

2005-10-17, 18:55: Learned a cool phrase...

"Die Hohe Kunst der sedimentären Datenablage" - meaning "the higher arts of sedimentary data storage".

2005-10-15, 14:37: Hamburg... (updated 2005-10-17, 18:54)

    • Do's
      • Walk around the Binnenalster upload:binnenalsterlightshow.jpg
      • See the cool down-counting traffic lights at Gänsemarkt upload:fussgaengerampelcountdown.jpg 11 seconds 'til green...
    • Dont's
      • Ask at the reception for a second pillow
      • Got to the Hofbräuhaus - it's for yuppies. Cigar Lounge, and Türsteher at the entrance... upload:hofbraeuhaushamburch.jpg

2005-10-10, 13:15: Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)...

is pretty cool - but lacks support for secure connections (or over a firewall). But it is possible.
  • First make sure, you use this settings: upload:ardadminsettings.jpg
  • Disable remote administration on the administrator's Mac via "Sharing" in System Preferences.
  • Do this via ssh: ssh -L 3283:remoteHostEthernetIPAddress:3283 -L 5900:remoteHostEthernetIPAddress:5900 user@remotehost
  • Because ARD Agents DO launch, regardless wether you disable it in "Sharing" and ARD Admin Preferences, you have to start first ARD Admin and then send kill -1 to the following processes:
    • /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/AppleVNCServer.bundle...
    • /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/Mac...
  • On Administrator's Mac connect to "localhost" (which will be forwarded to your remotehost).
That's it!
And now the ARDOverSshForwardScriptExample!
PS: Ever wanted to do User-Switching by shell? This will make the active user suspend, and bring the Login Window up: /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\ Extras/User.menu/Contents/Resources/CGSession -suspend

2005-09-22, 08:58: Star Wars Episode V...

has some minor goofs:
  • Leia speaks of her father...which could only mean step-father, since her father is Darth Vader.
  • C3PO says that he doesn't know Obi Wan Kenobi (which he should since he met him in the earlier episodes)
  • Obi Wan Kenobi says he doesn't own or know R2D2 (he should, he meets him in the earlier episodes)
  • Han Solo uses "parsecs" as a time unit...

2005-09-21, 13:32: Are you annoyed by the iChat 2.x graphical smileys?

...I was. And here's how to get rid of them:.
sudo rm /Applications/iChat.app/Contents/Resources/*.lproj/SmileyTable.plist

2005-09-19, 15:49: Ever had the problem, that your FileVault didn't have enough space?

...I did. My FileVault was only 12 GB big (weird - I wonder why it can grow at all!).
Here's the solution, "grow" your sparseimage while logged in from a nother account (making sure you are not logged in with the image's owner's account).
sudo hdiutil resize -size 25g heiko.sparseimage -stdinpass

2005-08-10, 09:01: Found weird webpage...

...leider in deutsch: Datenbank des nutzlosen Wissens.

2005-08-08, 11:08: Had a very nice weekend...

...spent friday and saturday motorcycling, unortunately I didn't save the friday route (more interesting). Anyway here is the saturday track:



2005-07-18, 09:07: Had a very nice weekend...

...spent saturday motorcycling:
  • DSCN1408.jpg
    Arriving at Schönau...
  • DSCN1409.jpg
  • DSCN1410.jpg
  • DSCN1411.jpg
  • DSCN1412.jpg
  • DSCN1413.jpg
    Kandel, 1206m high
  • DSCN1414.jpg