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2007-12-19, 23:06: Thanks to Jasmine...

...I present Southpark Zone: Heiko20071219southparkzone1.png

2007-11-23, 18:49: Yesterday I met...


2007-11-14, 09:39: Powerpoint sometimes...

drives me nuts: Heiko20071113pptsucks.png

2007-11-14, 02:01: Back from München...

Back from munich. drinking a caucasian (Hey Dude!), a white russian.
PS/2: Wanna know what I'm doing right now? Take a look at http://twitter.com/wrodow

2007-10-15, 23:29: Back from Hamburg...

If I'd had to choose my favourite german city, it'd be definitely Hamburg.

2007-09-16, 20:44: Half-Marathon mastered!

I did it! My first half-marathon in Karlsruhe, in 1 hour and 76 minutes! :-)))))))))))
Baden-Marathon Website

2007-08-26, 16:31: More motorcycle images


2007-08-07, 01:10: While watching Matrix II...

I understood: Martial Arts is dancing[1] for guys.  :-)
[1] Which is definitely greasy girl's stuff.

2007-07-06, 12:05: Yes, it is true...

...I had a motorcycle crash. Thank you for all the "get well" messages I got. Im now feeling much better and I hope to be fully recovered in a few weeks. Nothing is broken, I "only" have some bruises. :-) And I live and I still have all my limbs ;-)
Look at the shadows on the left.
I guess you did not see the edge between the tracks. I didn't.
The white lines indicate how the motorcycle skid.

2007-06-11, 11:10: Apple...

sometimes really sucks:
1. My iPod Shuffle 2G (now sold that damn thing) forgets last playback position of Audible's audiobooks (Audible points to Apple, Apple points to Audible, gr8!).
2. iTunes 7.2 garbled my iTunes Library (some songs are just missing, even if they are where they were before; other songs no longer sync to my iPod Photo 4G).

2007-02-23, 23:25: Adium 1.0.1...

I only missed this: Adium Automatic Reconnect.