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2008-12-18, 15:10: Top ten am0k songs...

  1. Mono fuer alle - Amoklauf
  2. Katze - Menschen springen von Hochhäusern
  3. Bambusratte.com - Drogenlied
  4. Grossstadtgefluester - Ich muss garnix
  5. Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown goes down
  6. tbd
  7. tbd
  8. tbd
  9. tbd
  10. tbd

2008-11-27, noon: Ich nicht!


Die Musik zum Beitrag

2008-11-18, 09:30: I TOLD YOU SO!

Daylight Saving is bullshit: Working Paper On Daylight Saving.

2008-08-13, 15:50: I's time for competitors...

...Heiko20080913wtf.png <- eBay gehts zu gut!

2008-08-04, 12:20: I could not resist developing...

...a PaperlessGeoCaching solution: SoftwareProjectPaperlessGeoCaching. Not thrilling though, but works fine for me.

2008-07-02, 12:10: I have moved, and...

...I'm not online again yet. So, if you've tried to contact me by email, irc, or messenger please try my office account instead.
On the bright side, I have more time for offline-hobbies, such as GeoCaching, while which I found this (obviously not the cache):

2008-05-24, 22:11: Yes, I returned from the netherlands...

Pic of the day:
Just to remember: 20 Abwaerts Regeln

2008-04-03, 18:05: Aprilscherz, aber ein echt guter...

...gibts hier zu lesen: http://futurezone.orf.at/it/stories/266589/

2008-03-28, 09:26: Tinkering with my GPS device

Since I want to do more moutainbiking this summer, I decided to ride some predefined routes, as provided from Naturpark Schwarzwald Website. Martin told me, that there are even downloadable GPS tracks, so I tried to download them to my good old Garmin GPSMap 76. After toying with Parallels, W2K, Keyspan USA-19, and several gps software (which was a not the real McCoy (after spending about 2 hours configuring it eventually worked) I stumbled upon a MacOS X native Software: GPS Connect Freeware. To convert the PCX5-Format (provided by Naturpark Schwarzwald I wrote a little shell script: ConvertPCX5ToCSV.
EDIT: GPS Connect can't handle tracks. I switched to MacGPSBabel for now. Another limitation: my good old GPSMap 76 can only handle tracks with 250 waypoints. :-(

2008-03-01, 18:05: Die Gummikuh...

...ist zu verkaufen: HeikosGummikuhVerkauf

2008-02-18, 23:20: WTF...

...does Apple have against "Hasenscheisse"? (Yes, "hasen" and "scheisse" gives proper search results, but not "hasenscheisse")

2008-02-18, 10:30: Apple's DVI-D to DVI-D adaptor...

...is included with Mac Pros. But what do I do with a 10cm DVI-D to DVI-D??