3D-Printed 1/10 scale Beer Crate

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Scale Beer Crate For RC Crawler / Scaler (20 Bottles)

Scale Beer Crate For RC Crawler / Scaler (100 Bottles)

  • Description: 1/10 scale beer crate (100 Bottles (yes, 100!))[1]
  • Photos
    • The design: (none)
    • The printed thing:
  • STL files: Media:BeerCrate100erSTLv9.zip
  • Source (OpenSCAD): Media:BeerCrate100erSCADv9.zip
  • Building tipps:
    • If you want your favourite brewery's logo on the crate, get it (for example from Wikipedia, they usually have free high resolution images) and print it on transparency film, and then glue it with photo glue to the crate.
    • For the bottle caps, use silver or gold color.
    • The handle is hard to print (and support is just too much work to remove), therefore cut or drill the handles later.

Please note: 3D-Designs Fineprint.