3D-Printed Motor Mount for Bruder Cat D11T RC Conversion

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The Mission

I allways wanted to own heavy equipment. Excavators, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, and so on. But they were pretty pricy…then I stumbled over Bruder toys…and decided to start with something easy: A huge dozer built as a toy-rc-conversion.

The Images

3D D11T 01.jpg 3D D11T 02.jpg 3D D11T 03.jpg 3D D11T 04.png 3D D11T 05.png

The Idea

  • Buy a Bruder D11T
  • Insert two geared motors (RB-35, I don't remember the RPMs, sorry!)
  • Insert cheap remote
  • Have fun!

The How To

The Files

The build-video