3D-Prints for Bruder Cat Skid Steer RC Conversion

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The Mission

I allways wanted to own heavy equipment. Excavators, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, and so on. But they were pretty pricy…then I stumbled over Bruder toys…and decided to start with something easy: A huge dozer built as a toy-rc-conversion - then I started a more complicated conversion: This Cat Skid Steer!

The Images

3D SkidSteer 01.jpg 3D SkidSteer 02.jpg 3D SkidSteer 03.jpg 3D SkidSteer 04.jpg 3D SkidSteer 05.jpg 3D SkidSteer 06.jpg 3D SkidSteer 07.jpg 3D SkidSteer 08.jpg

The Idea

  • Buy a Bruder Cat Skid Steer
  • Buy cheap remote (I used Fly Sky FS-T6)
  • Buy four (or if you prefer 2WD: two) small cheap servos for driving the wheels (I used Hextronik D-MG16) [1].
  • Buy one small cheap servo for the shovel (try Hextronik D-MG16)
  • Buy one strong standard-size servo for the main lifting arm (I used HD-1501MG)
  • Get some M3 screws and nuts
  • Print the parts listed below
  • Build it :-)
  • Have fun!

The How To

  • You can find a video on youTube: https://youtu.be/ahsBrwnNrWI
  • If you have trouble with V-mixers, you might want to check out the controller mod in this video: https://youtu.be/y7okxzaw5nU
  • Update: The servos were never running in sync for more than some moments. I therefore ditched the internal controllers of the servos and soldered an ESC per side directly to the servo's motors. Works now like a charm.

The Files

The build-video

<embedvideo service="youtube">https://youtu.be/ahsBrwnNrWI</embedvideo>

  1. Hint: If you use 4WD and have trouble getting the servos in neutral (standing still) all at once - try using a ESC instead of the built-in electronics! But make sure, the ESCs don't have a brake and are running same speed in both directions