Catalina deleted all my Audiobooks!

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What? It deleted all the Audiobooks? No, not really. But hid them well and left it to me to remedy the situation.

The Problem

Upgrading from Mojave to Catalina was mostly harmless. Fitting for an earth-made OS. :-) At some time (I guess it was opening Books), Catalina tried to move all my Audiobooks from iTunes (now Music) to iBooks (now Books). Since my iTunes Library is on an USB-drive, and the iBooks-Library is on the internal SSD (with obviously less space) this failed. That wouldn't be so bad, if the AudioBooks where still in iTunes.

The Analysis

  • Q: Are they still in iTunes?
  • A: Can't find them in Music-App.
  • Q: Have the files been left over?
  • A: Try find . -name \*.aa\* -print in your Music/iTunes Library. In my case, it found all my Audible-Audiobooks (.aa)

So, they are still there...

The Solution

What doesn't work

CatalinaBooksMusic01.png CatalinaBooksMusic02.png