Catalina messed with my Books

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Catalina is very reliable and easy to use OS - having that said, Books, Music and TV Apps keep driving me crazy.

This time stopped syncing. Of course with out any recognizable problem. No alerts displayed in any way. And Apple does not make it easy to solve puzzles like this. The whole iCloud Books syncing is a darn black box.

What I did to find the problem

  • Made sure my iOS-devices were syncing OK
  • Made sure my Mac was signed in to iCloud
  • Performed some rituals…
  • Took a look at ~/Library/Mobile Documents/
  • Found two suspiciously looking folders…

What I did to solve the problem

  • I trashed one of them…
    …and then mac OS started syncing:
  • And then it got weirder…
    • Suddenly my Mac thought I was using too much iCloud space:
      Which was weird, because mac Mac and iOS Devices were telling me I had > 1GB left!