FAQ: Playstation 3 + Gran Turismo 6 Update Stuck

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The Problem

I recently wanted to resume playing GT6 on my PS3. Unfortunately I started updating first. This took forever. 21 updates were available but wouldn't install properly, so I go stuck in a loop (cancelling all updates wouldn't work).

The Analysis

Somehow many updates in one row causes a stall. Maybe limited disk space, maybe timeouts, maybe solar winds affecting this darn software.

This is what I learned about the update process:

  • It has threefour steps
  1. Download Update (without starting the game)
  2. "Installing" Update (without starting the game)
  3. Preparing Update (after starting the game)
  4. Installing Update (after starting the game)

AFAIK all four steps can be made for all updates at once (which is default and much likely to go south), or for one or more individual updates. The latter is the way to go.

The Workaround

  1. Backupped my data
  2. Deleted all Game Data[1]
  3. Went to Game Icon → Press Triangle → Check for update
  4. Let 1-2GB of updates install, then press Circle to cancel further updates
  5. Launch the game, let it prepare and install the before downloaded (and installed - what? two installs?) updates
  6. To be absolutely safe, reboot PS and disable Internet Connection
  7. Repeated from Step 3 until all updates are done

  • Footnotes
  1. With Game Data Utility