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GPSMinna - the Lancre army knife for GeoCachers


  • GPSMinna has been released!
  • HELP is very welcome - for example I could use someone who fixes the excel chart's x-axis labels



  • Automatically retrieve GPX (Pocket Queries) from Apple Mail
  • Export Pocket Queries onto Device
  • Import Tracklogs from your device
  • Create elevation charts in Excel
  • Extensible script interface. You can add new functionality using your favourite scripting languge, this includes: Ruby, Perl, AppleScript, shell, php, python.
  • ...

Support the author

If you find this useful, let me know.
IF you do, don't forget to thank the WKPDF-makers too. Without them, this would not work.
And while you're on it, thank the DKActionButton-makers too. Without them, this would not work.

GPSMinna at work


This is the main window of GPSMinna:


This shows my last mountainbike-tour as an elevation profile

I used GPSMinna for exporting the tracklog to Microsoft Excel and then created the diagram.


If anyone cares to see how you can calculate the elevation you actually rode UP, take a look at Fahrradtour 2010-04-11 and Kornebene und zurück 2010-04-25 and Hohes Horn-Fritscheneck-Kornebene-Winterwald 2010-05-23!

Download & Install


Klick here to download latest version!

System Requirements

  • Intel 32bit or 64bit CPU
  • MacOS X 10.6 or newer
  • some RAM
  • some diskspace


To install just decompress the downloaded .zip-file and place the "GPSMinna-Folder in your Applications-Folder.