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=== Buy the full version ===
=== Buy the full version ===
[ Visit the Mac App Store]
* [ Visit the Mac App Store]

=== Screenshots ===
=== Screenshots ===

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This screen saver displays the Mandelbrot Set and zooms into it while protecting your Mac.


  • Free Version
    • Set animation speed
    • Set iteration depth
    • Set colour scheme
    • Set password to protect your Mac
    • Set zoom factor
  • Full Version
    • Set the activation delay
    • Set hot corners

Download the free version

Buy the full version


File:MandelbrotScreenSaverApp01.png File:MandelbrotScreenSaverApp02.png File:MandelbrotScreenSaverApp03.png File:MandelbrotScreenSaverApp04.png File:MandelbrotScreenSaverApp05.png

System Requirements

  • Intel Core2Duo[1] or better
  • Mac OS X 10.7[2] or newer

  • Footnotes:
  1. 64bit
  2. For older versions, please visit Software Projects That Are Not Longer Supported.