My Ducati Monster S4R

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2012-2012 Ducati Monster S4R '06

Snow on 17th of may - unbelievable!


  • built 2006, bought 2012 with 5100km mileage, as good as new!
  • 74KW (101HP)
  • Termignoni titanium exhausts (std equipment)
  • Stahlflex brake lines (std equipment)


What sums this bike up for me?

  • beautiful, I really dig the cafe-racer-ish look with the old-school headlight, the wind shield and of course the design with the black stripe
  • great handling
  • comfy
  • it just fits, it's my bike
  • great engine (as long as ridden > 3500rpm)

Crash 2012-06-02

Cry! A cager ran me over![2] :( She just had service (exchanged timing belts). I only rode her for 600km. I barely knew her. *sigh*


S4rdead01.png S4rdead02.png S4rdead03.png S4rdead04.png S4rdead05.png S4rdead06.png S4rdead08.png S4rdead09.png S4rdead10.png S4rdead11.png


At first glance I'd say:

  • fork at least spoiled if not totally b0rken
  • frame compressed or b0rken
  • front wheel damaged
  • lots of small parts damaged

I forgot, I got some bruises too:

  • Left foot hurts
  • Digital tuft fracture (?[3]) on left ring finger, maybe I will lose that nail
  • Hematoma on whole left hand
  • Headache
  • Right knee hurts
  • Next morning: both legs hurt everywhere, but I'm pretty sure that will just go away
  • Whiplash, neck hurts, thus the headache
  • <and wot not>

I just thought...I was driving at 50kph, that is the speed you reach after a jump from a roof in a height of 10 meters[4]. I'm so happy I'm still alive!

  • Footnotes:
  1. And I have no idea, what I would want to change, the bike is just right the way it is!
  2. Poor sob, just eighteen, I feel sorry for him, I also caused an accident at that age.
  3. German: Nagelkranzfraktur
  4. free fall on earth