My Honda FT 500

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199x[1]-1998 Honda FT 500 '82

After I crashed my car, I bought this motorcycle (the one in front; Kampfbonsais GPZ900 in the back).
What sums this bike up for me?

  • had Koni back shock absorber
  • bad front shock absorber
  • oil leaking cylinder head[2]
  • something loose in the exhaust
  • simple tech, easy to fix and maintain
  • good handling
  • Schuh mount and cases, looking not very stable but never let me down
  • won't start if not used for 14 days. Also when temperatures below zero. Unfortunately the FT is missing the XL's kickstart. :-(
  • pretty ugly :-)

After I bought the Pegaso my father inhertited the machine and drove it until 2011.

  • Footnotes:
  1. I have to look this up in the papers
  2. Typical for the XL500 engine