NixieClock Screen Saver

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NixieClock Screen Saver


Back in 2002 we hat the stupid idea of creating an nixe clock...a little while later I made this screen saver. It was last updated 2010, which meant that the 1.0b version won't run on modern OS X like 10.10 Yosemite. On 4th of march 2016 talked about nixies with my fellow colleague Knut, which inspired me to do some refactoring.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite


  • ZM4998
  • ZM1210
    • Hours, minutes:
      ZM1210 HHMM.png
    • Hours, minutes, seconds:
      ZM1210 HHMMSS.png
  • ZM1080
    • Hours, minutes:
      ZM1080 HHMM.png
  • ZM1080 (without tube)
    • Hours, minutes:
      ZM1080wot HHMM.png


  • Display clock (oh really!) with or without seconds
  • Display time in binary code
  • Countdown

Download If you’re looking for this Screen Saver for an older OS, please take a look at LINK


  • PoC and my attempt at building an hardware nixie clock, where I contributed the CMOS-bases clockwork, and PoC the nixies and drivers: LINK
  • Post at G+