Schick 5.0 FAQ

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This page tries to answer the most frequest questions regarding Schick 5.0.


What's the difference between 4.0 and 5.0?

Answer: See Schick_5.0#Key_Features

How can I hide the unreachable peers?

Answer: First, note that hiding is only possible if you're using simple mode (showing no groups). And it will only be necessary if you added peers manually using their IP-address. Go to Schick-Menu, Advanced and choose Hide Unreachable Peers:
Schick5 hideunreachable01.png

Note: As of RC5014 this feature is no longer available and might be re-implemented as demand arises.

How do I use Schick to send files?

Answer: To send a file to another peer, just drag & drop the file on the user image in the browser.

What does the error The Application "Schick" does not have permission to open "Downloads" mean?

Answer: Please check if the Downloads-Folder has the correct permissions set. It also has to be at the default location. Alias to another location won't work. Symlinks, however, will.

Why is my user image not shown in the browser window?

Answer: Maybe you didn't allow Schick to access your contacts (or you didn't set a image for your contact in your Addressbook/Contacts).
Please see this section below to learn how to fix this.

Why does Schick try to access my contacts?

Answer: Schick tries to retrieve your user image from your contact. No other information is read from your contacts! Promised!

  • Please click "OK" to allow access:


I denied Schick to access my contacts, and now I don't have a user image in the browser - how do I fix this?

Answer: Follow this steps:

  • First, open your system preferences and click the Security & Privacy-icon:
  • Click Privacy:
  • Click the checkbox to allow Schick accessing your contact to obtain your avatar:

Rest assured, Schick will never retrieve any other information (besides your avatar) from your contacts. Schick does use this image only for displaying while using. No information will be sent to apple, the developer, the NSA, or any other third party. Believe me[TM]!

I just changed my user image, but Schick won't show it!

Answer: Please try this:

  • Please make sure you changed the image of your Contact (me) in your Contacts (if you're using 10.7: Addressbook)[1]
  • As of OS X 10.8 and 10.9, this will take effect after you logged out and in again

How do I add a peer that is not reachable by Bonjour?

(If it's in another subnet, or Bonjour doesn't work properly)

Answer 1

Use the "Add by address…"-feature as described here

Answer 2

If you're more the hacker- than the user-type, try something like this:

What is my IP address (and port)?


  1. Click here:
  2. Showing your IP addresses:

General Questions

What is the difference between the FREE and the normal version?

Answer: Please see the following table:

Schick FREE Schick
Send folders? NO YES
Files to send at once 64 256

Is Schick 5.0 compatible with prior versions?

Answer: Partly. I's fully compatible to Schick 4.0, but since the 4.0-rewrite of the whole networking code Schick is not compatible with 1.x, 2.x and 3.x versions.

Does it support IPv6?

Answer: Yes!

Does it support files larger than 2GB (largefile support)?

Answer: Yes!


How do I turn on debug logging?

Answer: Just hold down the command key (⌘) on launch. It will be automatically turned off again on quit. Log entries can be found in Console or in ~/Library/Containers/net.wurst-wasser.Schick/Library/Logs/Schick.log.

Schick can't find the other Macs in the network! (Help! Mac A can "see" Mac B, but Mac B can't "see" Mac A)

Answer 1

Please check with Tildesofts Bonjour Browser! If it also doesn't show any peers, it's most likely your WiFi doesn't support multicasts the way it should. This happened to Heiko too...WiFi & Bonjour seems to be a bit of a problem. If you want to use Bonjour over WiFi, I'd recommend buying a good Access Point (Apple Airport, Cisco, Ubiquiti).

Answer 2

Please try again over Ethernet, and if that works out, make sure your WiFi supports Bonjour...

Answer 3

Switch to Ethernet. No, really. Your Bonjour-related problems (with Schick, Airprint, iTunes Sharing etc.) will be gone!

Answer 4

Try: ⌘R
* If you don't see all peers, try: ⌘⇧R
* If other peers don't see you, try: ⌘R

Answer 5

If you can't or don't want to switch to Ethernet, try adding your peers manually instead of using Bonjour. See Schick 4.0 Add By Address.

Answer 6

It might be caused by a haywired firewall setting. Just remove all incoming connection connections, stop your firewall, reboot, start your firewall.

  1. "Advanced..."
  2. Add (if missing) an entry for Schick:
  3. stop your firewall
  4. reboot
  5. start firewall

Somehow irrelevant questions

Do you like the 11th doctor?

Answer: No!

What's your favourite doctor?

Answer: The fourth, Tom Baker.[2][3] But I also enjoy watching Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Actually, both are pretty cool! On second thought, this would be my personal ranking:

  1. Tom Baker (4th)
  2. David Tennant (10th)
  3. Christopher Eccleston (9th)
  4. William Hartnell (1st)

What's your favourite beer?

Answer: Lone Star!

  1. Changing the user image in System Preferences won't work
  2. The 4th doctor:
  3. As it seems, Matt Groening agrees!