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I wanted to provide a method for my co-workers to pause music (at incoming calls) or skip to the next song (when they dislike it).



  • Specs
    • Needs Webserver like apache2, with modphp. If you don't know what that means, install MAMP[1]
    • Only works on Mac OS X as host system (not Windows)
  • Features
    • Skip to next song
    • Pause
    • Play
    • Increase Volume
    • Decrease Volume
    • Show Album Artwork and title of currently playing track
    • a lot more AppleScripts in the archive, just customize it to your needs!


You get it here:


  • Setup your apache2 with modphp or get and start MAMP
  • extract the Skipper-Archive into the htdocs folder
  • Open browser and enter: http://<your_ip_address>:8888/skipper/
  • enjoy! :)

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  1. You need MAMP, since the built-in webserver in Mac OS X can't execute PHP