Vacuum-Forming RC-Body Shells

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This work-in-progress. Just wanted to let me know. :-D

The Goal

I wanted to make my own body shells, ones NO ONE got. Insane, I know. :)


The Vacuum-Forming Tools


I made two VacForm-Boxes: One with 50cm x 28cm and one 64cm x 34cm. Why?

  • The 50cm x 28cm - sized: because I can cut 3 sheets from the supplied 1000x500mm PET-G sheets[1]
  • The 64cm x 34cm - sized: because some body shells are too large for 50cmx28cm. Unfortunately I can cut only one out of above mentioned sheets.

The boxes are around 10cm high and have one 35mm - hole on the side to attach the vacuumer.

I recommend rubber seals like this: E-Profil-Seal

The finished box looks like this: 666px


The Form

The Lessons Learned