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2010-12-28, 22:01 I hereby declare...

...barbecue-season as over.

2010-12-27, 21:10 X-Mas...

...was great. Here are some impressions from last sunday:

2010-11-29, 23:09 Returned...

...from Switzerland, having visited Lucerne and Bern.

Where I have been[1]:

2010-10-26, 09:44 Stumbled upon...

...Lars's pages, there are SO many cool impressions of his motorcycle journey[2]...enjoy!

2010-09-25, 00:03 Back from italy...

...I am.
The NTV brought me to italy and back again:
Short link to here: http://www.wurst-wasser.net/t/r.php?u=Alps2010

2010-09-17, 19:54 So long...

So long and thanks for all the fish.png
...and thanks for all the fish!

2010-09-14, 23:07 Just returned from the woods...


...and brought Pylze!

2010-09-11, 01:24 Just returned from the pictures...

...I've seen Inception, and I must say, it's an interesting mix between Simulacron-3 and Matrix. If they would reduce combat scenes and closeups in action shots it would get 4 out of 5 stars, but until that I'd say it's a 3.

2010-09-02, 23:08 About green houses...

...I've read after I stumbled upon yet another great post:

Scott about green houses and what the squirrels left for you to eat

My favourite part:

The greenest home is the one you don't build. If you really want to save the Earth, move in with another family and share a house that's already built. Better yet, live in the forest and eat whatever the squirrels don't want. Don't brag to me about riding your bicycle to work; a lot of energy went into building that bicycle. Stop being a hypocrite like me.

If you want to get into spirit of things, I strongly advise to read this classic.

2010-08-29 13:17 Leute, Hier ist Euer Schild!


Der Charakter ist ausgesprochen offen und weiträumig, dynamisch ungebremst und präzise, dabei aber auffallend geschmeidig, fast schon einen Tick harmonisierend mit seidigem, Stimmen entgratendem Timbre.
Wenn Kabel auch nicht wirklich „klingen“, sondern mehr oder weniger filtern, dann lässt dieses hier sehr charmant viel Information und Klangfarben durch und muss zur Topklasse gezählt werden. STEREO nennt das „Heaven’s Gate“
Auszug aus dem SONDERDRUCK STEREO 4[3]/2010

2010-08-25 23:00 Good news everyone!

And afterwards I'll hit Sieferle's Hoffest...

2010-08-21 12:30 Currently my second-favourite album...

  1. Keine Panik
  2. Inspiration
  3. Kraft
  4. Niemand vermisst uns
  5. Stadtastronauten
  6. Diese Tage sind verloren
  7. Skizziert
  8. Kamikazeherz
  9. Kilometerweit
  10. Highspeed
  11. Novemberregen
  12. Winterzeit
  13. Reprise
  14. Explodiert
  15. Das kleine Glück

2010-08-21 11:20 Currently my favourite album...

  1. Wir kommen um uns auszuleben
  2. Die Anderen
  3. Fest zusammen
  4. Millionen Fragen
  5. Kurz vor Malmø
  6. Diese Lieder
  7. Gewollt war's nicht
  8. Hey Hey
  9. Damit ihr besser funktioniert
  10. Raus hier
  11. Hilferuf

2010-08-06 23:37 While browsing through photos...

...I found this:

2010-08-02 14:59 While taking a break...

...I saw this:

2010-07-04 22:34 It's so fucking hot...

...I can't sleep. I'm still listening to my favourite tracks like:
Jason Mraz - Gypsy MC
Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UO8ZWZkGaE (live in Amsterdam, great album! Buy it!)

We aint got no dope 
All I got’s my forty
Aint got nobody baby 
That I can call my shorty

I'd like to give a shout out to all my VIPs and 
Individualize because I am an MC. I can because I care 
Because my family's here cause I (cause I what), cause I (cause I what)
Cause I appreciate the mentality of music 
Saving all my sentences unless of course I'm smoothly spoken 
Quiet type the kind to watch out for 
No matter the clan Im perpetrating the scam 
Sure I'm the boy with the fallopian voice 
Straight from the sleeve of any wizard of choice 
I got the reason to be roamin' out the coverage area 
Send me the bill if all my lovin' is scarin' ya

Dare you to dream the way that I believe 
I got the skill to go commando in any fatigues 
I got the best damn band in the music scene 
But I could also flow solo or just let it be 
Because of the love 
Oh the self-realization is your ifs ands & buts 
But you gotta know your name before you play-a the game 
Keep a level-headed check on your health and stay sane 
Address the tack on the track the needle on the record 
Prepare for playback 
Could I buy another vowel I need another clue 
And I could also use a towel 
And how goes the medium tempo 
Slaying all the teachers like the class of '84 
And down low you know my fidelities go 
And I would never hurt a fly with Addidas on 
I got control 
I keep a clean toilet bowl 
2000 flushes blue it's still going strong 
Do I do what I do for the sake of the song 
Comin' through on the radio. No it's for you 
This is proof my own story's a spoof 
I'll always be a gypsy or forever be aloof 
And if you never get to liking me it's okay too 
But you've made it this far so pay a toll at the booth 
Yes you made this far so pay a toll at the gate 
Yes you made this far now make some noise in this place 
I said you made this far now lets get back to the part that me sing WHAT?

See we aint got no dope

All I got is my forty
Aint got nobody baby 
That I can call my shorty

True or false? I can be a sensitive man 
With sensible plans for the everyday woman 
And I can keep you eating out the palm of my hand 
Because the dope that we smoked was grown on my land

The words I burn they don't come from a can 
The movie in my mind will be the winner at Cannes 
So take your chance apply for full or part-time romance 
Clever the better measure up to whatever 
Cause it don't matter how tall, how fat, or how small 
Equal opportunities are open to all 
The casting call the line forms down the hall 
All you need is ID that shows that you're legal 
But people with egos or freak show syndromes 
you best not go 
You know I don't need those 
And if you got a problem that I really oughta read 
Post it on the web care of R-K-O-P 
It's easy like me but a bit less the cheesy 
Go heavy on the melody and add a dash of pickle 
If you can't stand the kitchen, get the hell out the heat 
To meet with the geek all you need is a heart beat 
And to meet with the geek on the street 
All you gotta do is know the words you sing
So everybody repeat this after me
Sing it

Aint got no dope 
All I got is my forty

Aint got nobody baby
That I can call my shorty

Well I'm, Im type A positive and just the way I like it 
Right away I'm satisfied with my food before I try it 
Can't deny it to save my life, I'm never lying 
To brave this mic  without the same thing twice 
Is actually an act to staying up all night 
With the mood just right 
And the purchase of a flight from the west coast 
To these northern  lights 
It's aurora borealis' company that I'm tight with 
Despite everything that you've heard 
I'll admit that most is true and I'll be keeping my word 
And I will do the  double-duty on a search for new verbs 
And I’ll report to work early to deliver the worm 
With a back well covered by the buddies of ease 
And no way in hell that I  could ever have to say please 
And breaking all the codes on the latest machines 
I'll even let you download me for free

We aint got no dope

All I got is my forty 
Aint got nobody baby 
That I can call my shorty

2010-07-04 20:27

Yet another thing you don't need to know: Mice like yoghurt-flavoured chocolate :-)

2010-06-27, 14:00

Back from Geocaching Stadtmeisterschaften, held in Wiesbaden, Germany. More about this event can be found here.

2010-06-24, 00:44

Stumbled upon this mooovie, in which Zack's (Andrew's) face made me laugh[4]
I feel so used is my favourite quote. While I'm on it, there's more: More Garden State Images

2010-06-08, 21:49 Vintage Motorcycling

I have a new toy, an '91 NTV:

2010-06-07, 23:49 Back...

...from the pictures. A Serious Man was quite coen[6]. What I liked most:
-the opening story, when the dybbuk walks away with the knife in his breast, saying "I know when I'm not welcome..."
-No Jews were harmed in the making of this motion picture[8]

2010-06-05, 16:00 Ich habs getan!

Ich hab gerade für eine Ente[9] unterschrieben! Worum gehts? Darum: Moppeds!

2010-05-18, 08:34 Mambo Kurt rocks!

Mambo Kurt is just great! We had so much fun in Spitalkeller...Thanks Kurt!
Mambo Kurt live...
Lieblingszitat: Soundcheck ist überbewertet!

2010-05-01, 01:23 Flying sometimes sucks...

...I have been convinced to fly to Hamburg instead of travelling by train. That was a mistake. I should have known it. First the hand luggage counter closed right before me. Then there was an endless queue before the national counter (that's why I went to the international counter, which was no problem at all - but it took me 30 minutes standing around in an queue. I hate that.
Then I realized that my flight was already 1:30hrs late. After slightly delayed boarding (more than 2hrs late) I finally was in my seat.
Then the crew suddenly asked if EVERYONE on board REALLY wants to go to FKB. Laughter. But they were serious. There was one more aboard as expected. Took them another half an hour to figure out that the checkin counter personell managed to check in the same person TWICE. Therefore two were on board but only one was listed. Great.
Bottom line: Jumping through all that loops, keep waiting, sitting in that plane like canned sardines, the spent time - I'd rather travel by train.
BTW: The crew was friendly and was quite entertaining. The plane of Avanti which was flying for Air Berlin

2010-04-22, 22:07 Wo is DEIN Schild?


2010-02-15, 21:32 Blockhouse...

...or not to Blockhouse? Some of you already know that I'm helping Frank building his Blockhouse. /me ponders on buying some land, wood and a mobile home (to live in while building) and building my own home.
Blockhaus im Bau public domain.jpg

2010-02-14, 22:52 Life sucks (playlist of my life, the third)

  1. Type O Negative - Life is Killing Me
  2. Clawfinger - Life Will Kill You
  3. P24 - Scheissegal
  4. Metallica - One (12"! Yes - I own & use an record player[10]...)
  5. Joachim Witt - das jüngste gericht
  6. Röyksopp - What else is there?
  7. Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück
  8. Magnum - Les Morts Dansant
  9. Earshot - Rotten Inside

2010-02-11 Playlist of my life, the 2nd

  1. Gary Jules - Mad World (I love this track. I always think of Donnie Darko and Ves)
  2. The Church - Under the Milkyway (" ")
  3. Trust - Antisocial (the original! If you've seen The Dreamers you KNOW, that french cannot make rock music. By the time you hear this, you UNDERSTAND!)
  4. Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood (Thanks to Jan Frese and Ruben Meimresse)
  5. Fishmob - Fishmob Allstars: Susanne zur Freiheit *wipp*

2010-02-07 Why german Wikipedia sucks

For example, the english Wikipedia is really comprehensive, everything is covered. Even funny stuff (which might even though worth knowing) can be found there. I cannot understand why the german Wikipedia is that kind of restrictive. Maybe Zensursula wasn't that bad at all. Now the Wikipedia community does excel in censorship. Just great.

2010-02-06, 21:18: GPS Digital Technik and Garmin rock...

I returned my Colorado 300 because the rock'n'roller switch lost the magnet...guess what I got today! Yes, a brand-new C300! Coolness. Also seems to be the newer model. Hopefully the compass works better in that model :-).
Anyway - great service! Thanks a bunch!

2010-02-01, 16:24: Vintage-Computing...

Globetrotter changes hardware - it's about time!

2010-01-31, 12:28: I am an unseen academical

This is what made me LOL:

"It's a well-known fact in any organization that, if you want a job done, you should give it to someone who is already very busy."
(Thank you, Terry!)

2010-01-16, 23:57: Puzzled Teyla

What made my day:

"What is that?"
"The ultimate answer to the great question about live, the universe and everything."
(Teyla thinking "WTF?")


2010-01-14 Playlist of my life

(these were written down using Heikos Little Helpers, of course)

  1. Mambo Kurt - Spiel Heimorgel, Spiel - Sing Halleluja
  2. Damien Rice - 9 - Rootless Tree
  3. Tomte - Taxi - 3 Millionen
  4. Spliff - 85555 - Carbonara
  5. Spliff - 85555 - Deja Vu
  6. Muse - Black Holes and Revelations - Supermassive Black Hole
  7. Muse - Black Holes and Revelations - Map Of The Problematique (*headbank*)
  8. Röyksopp - What Else Is There? - Single - What Else Is There? (Jacques Lu Cont Radio Mix)
  9. Schiller & Tarja Turunen - Sehnsucht - Tired of Being Alone (7" Version)
  10. Deichkind - Arbeit nervt (Bonus Track Version) - Luftbahn
  11. Auletta - Pöbelei & Poesie - Schrei & Tanz
  12. Tanzwut - Schattenreiter - Geisterstunde (since it's now the eleventh hour - to be precise: 23:27)
  13. Jeans Team - Kopf auf - Du bist Hamburg
  14. Moby - Disco Lies - Disco Lies (Spencer and Hill Remix) (can someone please design louder headphones? I'm very happy with my AKG K 530 - but I could use more volume!)
  15. Domain - Stardawn - Don't Pay the Ferryman
  16. Letzte Instanz - Ins Licht - Sonne
  17. Sportfreunde Stiller - MTW Unplugged in New York (live) [Deluxe Version] - Ich war noch niemals in New York (Live)

2010-01-06 Dreikönigscachen

We did it! GCP2XQ is owned! :-)
Rbn1.jpg Rbn2.jpg Rbn3.jpg


  1. in order of remembrance
  2. For those who are interested in this kind of think: Also take a look at http://www.possi.de
  3. Guess what!
  4. For those of you, that't know me: I don't find the usual movies funny. It takes some strange humour and especially an unforseeable plot to make me laugh.
  5. I really love this kind of movie.
  6. coen, adj., describing movies like A Serious Man or Fargo
  7. yiddish is quite a nice language, so close to german that I didn't need subtitles
  8. Does this include dybbuks?
  9. Ente, nicht Kuh
  10. Technics SL 1210 MK2

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