Fortinet VPN mit OpenSUSE

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This article is about using OpenSUSE/KDE as VPN-Client with a Fortinet Firewall.

How To

  1. zypper in NetworkManager-fortisslvpn (includes openfortivpn)
  2. TBD:
    Ksnip 2023-08-15 08-43-24 Forti VPN.png
  3. TBD:
    Ksnip 2023-08-15 08-44-16 Forti VPN.png
  4. TBD:
    Ksnip 2023-08-15 08-46-25 Forti VPN.png
  5. TBD:
    Ksnip 2023-08-18 13-48-23 Forti.png
  6. TBD:
    Ksnip 2023-08-15 08-46-35 Forti VPN.png

Trusted Certificate

If you're connecting a IPA rather than a hostname, you have to trust the cert explicitly.

Advanced OptionsSecurityTrusted Certificate

  • Paste what you get here:
sudo openfortivpn -u <username>