Migration to Linux: The Decision

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I moved from a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports, i5, 8GB, 1TB SSD) to an Lenovo L15 Gen 1 (15", Ryzen R3, 20 GB, 1TB SSD) which I bought for less of a fourth of the price of the MBP.

L15 MacBook Pro Comment
550€ (2023) 2300€ (2017) Much more bang for the buck
1 USB-C-Port, 2 USB-A-Ports, 1 HDMI-Port, SD-Card-Slot, Ethernet-Port 2 USB-C-Port
15" Display 13" Display I'm 47 now, my (short-range) vision is getting worse. 15" is much more desirable than 13"!
Useless Numeric-Keypad, less clever cursor-keys, stupid PrtScrn-Key. Del-Key unreachable. Great feel on key presses. Great keyboard, but series defect. PC's Keyboard-Layout in general is stupid. Can be mitigated with highly configurable KDE keyboard settings. The insanely expensive MBP has a faulty keyboard. The whole series has. Shame on you, Apple!
Battery life is quite good. Not as good as the MBP had (…once…)… The battery if the MBP died after less than 3 years...with that price-tag…unbelievable.