My Triumph Street Triple R '11 (MY 2012)

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2012-now Triumph Street Triple R '11

The day I picked her up


  • built 2011 (Model 2012), bought 2012 with about 3800km mileage, as good as new[1]!
  • 78KW (106HP)
  • Stahlflex brake lines (std equipment)


  • Fly screen
  • SW motech quick lock tank bag 'micro'
  • SW motech rack
  • rear wheel cover
  • gel seat
  • suspension setup, see Street Triple R '11 Suspension Setup
  • Wilbers 640-1052-00 rear suspension
  • louder horn[2]

What sums this bike up for me?

  • great engine[3]
  • great handling
  • (in original condition: weak suspension, OK for most situations but quite uncomfy on bad roads)


  • Verkauft am 03. April 2016

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  • Footnotes/Citations
  1. Thanks to Frank, for taking care of her so well!
  2. the original horn is joke
  3. The triple has great torque, at least for that cylinder capacity, starting at 3000+rpm, does 150 in second gear