Raspberry Pi Zero ePaper Nametag

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The Idea

I thought it would be great if my name tag (I'm wearing that at work) would display different content, like…

  • …"Please write a ticket. I'm at lunch.", triggered by the usual lunch time, say, 11:30.
  • …"Please write a ticket. I'm off-duty.", say at 17:00 o'clock.
  • …"Therapist", "Specialist for..." and so on…

The Parts

  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH (with Headers and WiFi)
  • Waveshare 2.13" epaper (e-ink) display
  • Pimoroni
    • LiPo Shim
    • Basic Charger
  • 14500 LiIon battery
  • small switch, wires, solder…

The Build

Used software

Lessons Learned