Software Projects That Are Not Longer Supported

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Software for older MacOS X versions

NixieClock Screen Saver



Blank Screen Saver

Flying Toasters Screen Saver

Huepfer Screen Saver

Apfelmaennle Screen Saver

Load Screen Saver

Uebersatz Screen Saver

Nettware Screen Saver

Other, not longer supported or not finished projects:

More Applications (EOL[2], not longer supported)


AppleScript Launcher

AppleScript Launcher is a script-launching utility, which comes with a bunch of useful scripts.As usual, it's free...learn more...



LDAP-Finder is just a simple utility for querying LDAP-servers..learn more...


Hit Me Gently!

Hit Me Gently! is a project I developed for the office...learn more...



GPSMinna is the all-in-one geocaching solution. See GPSMinna for Details.


Monoalphabetic Substitution Code Converter

Monoalphabetic Substitution Code Converter decodes ROT13, ROT18 and MIRROR en/decoding. See Monoalphabetic Substitution Code Converter for details.


Tea Timer

Tea Timer is a simple timer application. See Tea Timer for details.



Poschtler is a simple mail-checking application. Yes, there are tons of that kind out there. But, as usual, I wanted my own :-). See Poschtler for details.



ScreenCast shows the Desktop of a remote computer in a web browser. Might come in quite handy if you want to monitor a machine via internet. See ScreenCast for details.



Raclette is a nice add-on if you like to listen to CT - Das Radio! Visit Raclette for details.


Soraya (work in progress)

Soraya is a simple image browser, meant for browsing through huge amounts of image files...learn more


Sopha Media (work in progress)

Sopha Media is simple media asset management, combining Soraya with a asset database...learn more

Very, Very Old Carbon Projects

Allthough these apps are Carbon-based, they will only run on Mac OS Classic 8.6+ up to Mac OS X 10.1.x and maybe slightly higher.


Mac Uptime PPC

Mac Uptime is a simple program to display the time since the last reboot. On various Unixes this is called "uptime". You may also copy-paste uptimes to mails so you may impress your friends how long your Mac is up. You may also automate this by using AppleScript. New in the PPC version is the widely configurable display. It's Freeware, so don't hesitate to Media:MacUptimePPC.1.210.sit it. There's also a Media:MacUptime0.015bv.cpt 68K Version available.

NetTicTacToe PPC

Net TicTacToe is a game protype I designed for use in more interesting games. I wanted to create a little game where I could test all the networking stuff, chatting, broadcasting etc. It allows to chat in public via broadcasts in the LAN and chat privately with your opponent while playing. If you're not in a LAN or the same broadcastdomain, you can connect your partner by hostname or IP address. This is handy for playing via internet. It's Freeware. Media:NetTicTacToeXFolder0080.sit Download.

Misc very old Stuff


Mount-O-Matic was originally planned as a Cocoa Application but it turned out to be a easy task in AppleScript. It's purpose is to automatically mount EtherShare, Netatalk or Mac OS X Server volumes. You may ask why this is necessary! That's easy Since Chooser is gone, there's no easy way to do this, Volumes with Umlauts in it can't be mounted with Startup Items, For every server a window is opened (nasty). Visit for details or just ||




CreateLowRes is an AppleScript I wrote for a friend who wanted to automagically create low res images from incoming high res images. See CreateLowRes.


Adium Automatic Reconnect

If you want your Adium to reconnect at a specified time, take a look: Adium Automatic Reconnect.


iTunes Backup and Restore Rating Scripts

Since iTunes Library keeps crashing occasionally I was searching for a way to preserve all metadata. The tags are safely stored inside the files. Only the rating is not. That's what my script does - it backups the rating into the (at least for me) useless BPM-Tag.
It's also an script for restoring into rating included. You may the scripts here. They're free! (Best installed at /Library/iTunes/Scripts/)

  1. If want to help tracking down bugs, please use, this one's logging veeery much to your computer's system.log
  2. End Of Life