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This software project is discontinued. Please refer to Schick 4.0 for a up-to-date version!

Schick Project Page


I wanted a simple and fast way to exchange small files, like Word-Documents, Pictures, URLs, etc. iChat and similar tools need much configuration and registering - I wanted a technique that would "just work". I used to use Mac OS X' FileSharing and the DropBox, but I don't get notified, and I have to mount the other user's Home DropBox by hand. Additionally the number of logged in users on Mac OS X Client is limited. Since no tool existed for this purpose, I made my own (as usual) :-)).

Key Features

  • Rendezvous-enabled (okay, nowaday's it's Bonjour-enabled)
  • No configuration necessary
  • Automatically fetches username and user image from your Macintosh Preferences / Address Book


You can download the latest version here.


This picture shows the browser with all on the network available Schick users. If you want to send a file to an user, simply drag it to the user's row and drop it. It's just that easy!


Those of you who don't want to use Drag&Drop can use the Services Menu and it's shortcut to send a file.


System Requirements

  • Macintosh, iMac, iBook, PowerBook, eMac or Xserve with G3 processor or higher, that includes Intel, which is natively supported by this Universal Binary!
  • Additional 1 MB of disk space :-)
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later (even runs on my Pismo with 10.3, but wouldn't recommend it)
  • Rendezvous-enabled network, usually every standard Ethernet Network can handle Rendezvous (also known as Zeroconf (...and Bonjour :-) )).

Support the author


Donations are always welcome. You can donate an amount of your choice via PayPal. To visit the PayPal website, please click here.


If you have problems, please see Schick 3 FAQ

Schick doesn't fit your needs? Want to try another tool?

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